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Hey, I'm Tim. I'm working in tech for a pretty cool startup and spend some of my free time building iOS apps and websites. Some of them never saw the light of day and other products are really working out great. This blog is a place to share my thoughts on software, building products and also practical experiences building those projects (and real products). Hopefully, you'll find some of those posts helpful.

In case you want to message me, feel free to reach out on Twitter or shoot me an email!

linkSwift Stuff

As a web developer turned iOS developer, I will share some insights on how I'm coping with learning mobile development in 2020 and what exciting stuff you can build on iOS.

My first post is on building a contact list in SwiftUI, pulling together a lot of stuff I have learned in the last couple of weeks.

linkCloud Computing

Your other computer is a data center – and so is mine. That's why I'm putting out some stuff on cloud topics as well. Mostly beginner-oriented or likely tied to some iOS topics as well.

Swift StuffCloud Computing


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